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49ers vs Cowboys (Week 5)

Cowboys on fraud watch?! That was a beatdown. A thrashing. Extremely fun to watch as a Niners fan. Great moments from every player on offense, defense, and special teams.


A historic game in a historic rivalry deserves commemoration of all SIX touchdowns.

Touchdown #1 Purdy knows pre-snap he wants to hit Kittle's post route. He eyes it the entire time. Extends the play once there's pressure in the pocket, and finds Kittle open for the TD.


Touchdown #2 First play of the drive ... Reverse Flea Flicker for the TD 🤷🏻‍♂️.


Touchdown #3 Coolest thing here is that because the entire O-line is zone-blocking to the left, that leaves Vander Esch (#55) unaccounted for. Juice is responsible for making the block and executes perfectly.


Touchdown #4 Juice goes in motion before the snap and looks to be wide open in the flat for a 1st down. Instead Purdy looks for Kittle. Even more impressive, Purdy already begins his throwing motion before Kittle exits the break in his route. Impeccable timing & chemistry.


Touchdown #5 23 personnel 👀 (2 RBs and 3 TEs lined up on the field). Every indication that they will try to run this ball. Once the ball is snapped, defense realizes it's a pass play because the O-line jumps back to pass-block and you see receivers leaking out. Juice unaccounted for in the flat and gets the TD.


Touchdown #6 Another TD on the first play of the drive 🤷🏻‍♂️. Really impressive blocking. JP Mason just needs to make one man miss, then he's in for the TD.