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49ers vs Steelers (Week 1)

A closer look at the first drive of the season.


1st & 10 at SF 46

2nd & 4 at PIT 48

3rd & 1 at PIT 45

4th & 1 at PIT 45


Entire offense blocks & fakes a run to the right. Two receiving options flow to the left. Kittle catches 2yds behind LOS but finds an 11yd gain.

1st & 10 at PIT 34


CMC gets a pitch and takes the run to outside for 9yds. Everyone hustling to block the DLs and LBs so it's just CMC vs the DBs.

2nd & 1 at PIT 25


Run right up the middle! #82 goes in motion and shifts all the LBs over, so CMC takes the run the other direction.

1st & Goal at PIT 8


Wow, everyone stays in to block and only Deebo & Aiyuk running routes. 8 blockers, 2 receivers. Aiyuk shakes his man and manages to get wide open. TD!